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If you are looking for a great dentist in Central Florida, WE CAN HELP YOU!  
Welcome to our website! We encourage you to learn about our dental team (click on OUR TEAM), discover the variety of dental procedures we offer (click on SERVICES), and read about the experiences patients have had at our office (click on TESTIMONIALS). Our doctors have been serving the Orange City, Deltona, Deland, and DeBary areas for over 29 years, and have enjoyed the opportunity to serve the dental needs of patients with a wide variety of concerns--maybe even one of your neighbors!  We take pride that we are giving back to our community by improving people's health and lives every day. 

We provide ALL phases of general dentistry (e.g. extractions, fillings, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, full dentures, dental whitening, etc.) and many higher-end dental procedures including: dental implantsimplant crowns, CT scans, bone grafting, alveoloplasty (removing bony growths), root canals, Laser gingivectomies/frenectomies (conservative removal of excess gum tissue or "string-like" tissue attachments), Botox and Dermal Fillers, and removable orthodontic aligners called Simpli5.  Rest assured that our team is committed to serving you with respect and excellence on all levels.  We invite you to tour our office, where our aim is to care for you as if you are a member of our family...because when you are a patient at Drs. Soule and Erdman, you ARE considered family.  We invite you to call us today at (386) 775-1552, so that we can get started right away on any dental needs or concerns you might have! 

Mission Statement:
Being able to help the community for so long and in so many ways has inspired Dr. Soule and Dr. Erdman to write down our mission statement, so that patients can be assured that our ENTIRE team will work under the same philosophy.  Our mission is to serve your dental needs in a professional, caring, and gentle environment.  We are dedicated to respect and excellence in everything we do.  At your dental appointment, you will be given honest and accurate information about the current status of your dental health.  With this information, we will work TOGETHER as a team to discover how to best obtain long-term dental success.  As you take responsibility for your dental health, you can expect to make sustained improvement that we believe leads to an increase in quality of life.

As licensed dentists in Orange City, FL, we work WITH our patients to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile and healty gums and teeth.  We take the time with our patients to explain ALL of their treatment options, and inform them of additional preventative care.  Our experience allows us to offer a comprehensive list of treatment options such as beautiful veneers, dental implants, extractions, crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, fillings, teeth whitening, root canals, Simpli5, simple cleanings, deeper cleanings, and comprehensive gum treatment.  We will never push a particular dental treatment that does not work for YOU, if there are other treatment options available that DO work for you; however, we WILL be advocates for you and your mouth, and above all else, will strive to keep your gums and teeth healthy, intact, functioning, and as beautiful as possible! 

Our office is conveniently located on 17-92 just north of Saxon Boulevard, on the border of DeBary and Orange City.  Just look for the medical complex across the street from the Orange City DMV!  Our central location makes us an easy drive from DeBary, Deltona, Deland, and all of Central Florida.

We invite you to call with any questions, or e-mail us via the Contact us or Request an Appointment page of our Web site.  You have our promise that we will do everything possible to ensure you have a pleasant visit!


Improving People's Health and Lives is our Mission!



Dr. Robert Erdman

Dr. Terry Soule

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